Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year/ New You

It's that time again. Time to get paper and a pen or pull out the iPad to jot down those resolutions for 2014. Each year many people make resolutions to change one or many things about themselves or their lives for a better coming year, but only 8% of people are successful in their resolutions! 

I know for me, my most successful efforts for better health or weight loss, for stepping out of my comfort zone in some way and being brave, or for learning to better manage money have been because I knew that I would have no chance of succeeding without needing God first. Needing contentment first. Needing His guidance first. 

Very soon, in 12 days to be exact, I invite you to attend New Year/New Year, a wellness fair at which you can find, first and foremost, many awesome groups within Crosspoint's Women's Ministry to help with your spiritual journey. 

There will also be many vendors to help with physical, mental, and emotional health. Whatever that resolution may be, we pray you find help at New Year/New Year to be successful! 

Join us from 9am to 12pm on January 11 and enjoy information from all the awesome vendors and a word from Melissa Hawthorne on what it takes to be healthy with a busy lifestyle! Bring any women in your life who may be looking to make changes in 2014, however big or small. 

God wants us to have the best year yet! Whatever this year throws at us, I know New You/New Year will be the perfect start of 2014! Full of anticipation, and strong though Christ! 

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