Tuesday, November 19, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas and I love to decorate! So much so, that I have so many

decorations in my attic that I can decorate…. A lot of trees!

After my three boys got married and started their own homes, I decided that I really didn’t need to

put up a tree in EVERY room, and I was left with many decorations. So, what to do with them, right?

Two years ago, I found the perfect place to share my decorations so that other people could really

enjoy them. Little did I know how sharing such a small thing would mean so much to others.

David, my husband’s parents moved into Trinity Oaks Assisted Living Facility in July of 2011. The

following Christmas, the activities director at the facility was able to purchase full size trees for all

the hallways; however, she didn’t have the funds to purchase more than a box or two of ornaments

for each tree.

I knew just where to find the extra stuff to make the tree outside my in-laws apartment look really

special… my attic!! What a great place to use the decorations that I wasn’t using!

As I began to decorate the tree, all the residents came out of their apartments. I think at first

they just were nosey and wanted to see what was going on! HA! But the coolest thing started to

happen, they started telling me stories about when they were young and how they decorated for

the holidays. They kept coming out checking on my progress. It was the sweetest experience and a

true blessing!

Last year, I was even more prepared! I got my friend Libby to help me and we did two trees! It was

so much fun. I picked up pine cones out of the yard and spray painted them and put glitter on them,

we added a little ribbon, and some little birds all over the tree. Who knew something so simple and

inexpensive would bring so much joy!

This week I received a call from the activities director at Trinity Oaks asking if I could help decorate

trees again this year. I need some help! A local church youth group has already assembled the trees

and they are in place ready to be decorated. There are 17 trees. Would you like to adopt a tree to

decorate? Do you have a couple of friends who could join in with you to adopt a tree?

They would like the trees decorated by December 1st

Year and then you can take your decorations down. Trinity Oaks will take care of taking the trees

down. You would only need to take your decorations.

I hope you will consider helping this year. It truly is a blessing to see how happy the residents are

to have you in their home making their holidays so special.

If you would like to adopt a tree or if you have any questions, please email


Thanks so much!

Janet Pelc

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