Sunday, October 6, 2013

Going it Alone by Lisa Byrd


The idea of creating a support group for women who have spouses, yet sit alone in church, Sunday after Sunday, was birthed due to many of my own lonely and unsettled years.

When my husband and I married, neither of us walked with the Lord. I always considered myself a believer and like so many believers, I thought that was all it took to be “right with the Lord”.

Long, convoluted story short, the Lord got my attention and called me to a truer walk with Him, my husband, not so much. He will tell you there is something other than this faith, but he doesn’t like discussing it.

I spent many days sitting in church by myself, jealous of the couples who looked so contented and sweet together. I let my imagination tell me their lives were perfect because he was a believer. His wife must be so proud.

Well, the truth is they have baggage, too. Their baggage just looks a little different from some of my own.

I wish I could tell you that coming to “Going it Alone” would assure that your husband will become a believer. Unfortunately, only God knows that.

I can tell you that it feels good to have other people to talk with who are having some of the same experiences you are. I can tell you that if you come to “Going it Alone” you can count on others praying for you and your family. I can tell you if you come to “Going it Alone”, you won’t feel so much like you’re going through this faith walk all by yourself.

One of the core ideas of “Going it Alone” is to have a Godly marriage; sometimes, that can feel impossible if you’re the only one trying. Our Heavenly Father walks with us daily, so even when it feels like you’re out there alone, you’re not. Those of us who get together at “Going it Alone” also have a few others walking with us. I’ve always believed, the more the merrier!

Come join us and see what we’re about, every third Tuesday of each month, 7pm, at the Crosspoint campus, 1134 Old Alvin Rd, Pearland, TX.

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