Monday, August 19, 2013

Kandice Harris

Hey gals….This is Kandice. Kandice? Yep, a lot of you may not know me. My husband Brent and I made a move to Crosspoint in July of 2012. We are the parents of three crazies. Seth is 10, Kacy (KacKac) is 7…going on 16, and Samantha is a 160lb English Mastiff who is sweet, quiet, loving, and very hairy. I’m a personal trainer, and have had my small, sweet little, business running for over 3 years. I also teach classes for a local gym, and run a boot camp, for mostly Crosspoint ladies and gents, in a local park. 

 I’m blessed that I have been asked to write this blog post. Is writing a blog post a “usual” for me? Heck no! In fact, when they asked me to do it, my first thought was “no way”. I can’t even speak in proper sentences most of the time, let alone, write in them. God’s plan, often times, does not coincide with MY plan. Does this play out much the same for you?

I have been so challenged, by God, since joining the Crosspoint family. Was it the change in church? A new Pastor? New friends? After many months of thinking about this, I think I have the answer. The change has been ME! Ding, ding, ding…..Kandice is finally getting it! I’m not saying that all the above mentioned didn’t play a HUGE role, I’m saying that no matter what the Band-Aid covered, God still had to fix the underlying problem…..ME. 

I can be the first to tell you that when God moves you, it isn’t really all that comfortable. I can almost picture him pushing me forward, raising my hand for me, and nodding my head in a “yes” answer. It is un-nerving to this Type-A kinda girl. Wait, wait, wait… mean I’m not running this show????

Does God call the qualified to do HIS work? Does he call the “all-together” girls? No, he calls you and me sister, just like we are. Remember, he knows what we are made of. And just an FYI to those of you not on board…..none of us are “all together”, and HE loves us just the way HE created us!
God has recently called me (and no it wasn’t that easy to discern) to speak out loud. Whaaatttt? Yep, me-the girl who has been deeply, and quietly in fear of group settings, and public speaking. I’ve been obedient, even while kicking and screaming, and looking for an exit door. I have said “sure I’ll do it” when every ounce of me wanted to break the phone, move away, or get a sudden case of….well anything really bad and bed worthy. But I didn’t, girls. I obeyed. I obeyed for once in my life. I turned my cheek when God had tried to pull me out of dark night clubs, I’ve turned my cheek when God was pulling my hand away from the bad men, I’ve plugged my ears and stomped the ground when he asked me to stop shoving bad food down my throat….but this time ladies….this time…… I looked straight up, into our Father’s eyes, arms wide-open and said, “Yes, Father, I will follow your lead. Yes, Father, I know that you are totally aware of my gifts and you want to use them. Yes, Father I am yours…use me for your Kingdom!” Easy? Nope! Comfortable? Not in the least!

OBEDIENCE! Yikes…..nail biting, foot tapping, tantrum throwing…yikes! In Luke 6:46 it says (and this is so tough for me to even type)….”Why do you call me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say?” Read it again girls….and again….and again. What are you being called to do? Take your fingers out of your ears, peel apart your glued-shut eyes, and just listen, and whatever you do, don’t EVER think it will be comfortable!   

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