Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Week 16: Jennifer Anderson

Jennifer Anderson
I missed the summer Women’s Ministry meetings where they discussed this new blog (which I love reading and getting to know more of the CpW) and who would be writing for the blog and THEN, the September meeting rolled around and I was excited that I was finally going to be there to be a part of the “new” stuff I had only heard bits and pieces about UNTIL, they started to discuss who else was left to write for the blog…YUP, you guessed it, there I sat, “deer in the headlights”…HELP!!! Our fearless leader (Susan Allen) patted me on the arm and with her sweet smile said, “Oh it’ll be fine, you’re not getting out of this one” and without skipping a beat went onto the conversation she was having……
I was raised in a religion where every Sunday was a constant routine; church then, lunch at my grandmother’s house with the entire family and play with the cousins all afternoon. I loved Sundays because of that yet, had no clue what Sundays and being a Christian were like until I came to Crosspoint.

 I started attending Crosspoint with The Roberts family (whom I’ve known for 20+ years) back in early 2010 and kept coming back because for the first time in my life, at age 38, I was getting something out of the messages that this really funny yet serious, bald-headed guy standing in front of the congregation was lecturing on and I loved it! (Sorry if you are reading this Pastor Tom but it’s the truth!) I attended several of the classes, got plugged into a Women’s LifeGroup and eventually involved in the W2W mentoring program. Somewhere in the middle of all that I was baptized at the last service held at the Old Alvin Road Campus and it thrilled me to know that I was finally getting “IT” as an adult. I know now that this commitment brings pure joy into my heart, let’s me shine as a light I didn’t know existed and totally glorifies our Father!

After attending a month of my Women’s LifeGroup (that Susan Allen and Lisa Blomstrom lead), I was warned by many – “you have chosen the path of Christianity and it’s not going to be easy”; “you have a target on your back for Satan to attack”; “things may get tough before they get better”; and boy were they right on. All kinds of things in mine and my family’s lives started happening (4 very sudden deaths, illnesses, you name it-it happened) yet, I know I had the number one guy on my side, GOD! I can’t say there were big strikes of lightening or messages that said, “It’s God, listen to what I have to say...” – I just know that He held me in the palm of His hand through it all and that these events, were truly God working through me and for that I am eternally grateful and forever His.
My husband and I have two grown children who do not attend church with me. Although, over the last couple of years they have come to church when I’ve asked them to join me (I don’t push it) and support all the things that I am involved in at church – God things and seeds being planting. My son, who is now a Marine, has a 2.5 year old son himself. He was baptized while going through boot camp in San Diego this past March and I pray that he will continue to grow and lead a Christian life that he will share with his son. As for the other two in my household that I love so very much, I will continue to pray for them – that they will one day want to walk this path with me, these God things, and eternally be together.

I am by far still a “rookie” when it comes to the bible, still uneasy about speaking during our LifeGroup, and have not gotten to the point of praying out loud in large group settings YET, I know all of this is OK cause He knows the plans he has for me (Jeremiah 29:11). My spiritual journey continues…

Hi, my name is Jennifer Anderson and I am a real person seeking to do life together with other real people who want to follow our real God!


  1. You are and have been since the first day you came to W.O.W. a pure joy and delight - I think you were probably that even B.C. - I just think that now that little mega watt personality is backlit =) with the Holy Spirit. Yes you are a light my friend, and yes one day you will pray out loud and yes, one day Eric and Kayla will be sitting in church with you and I pray that I will have the privilege of being there to see it. I think you did and do an amazing job and it is my delight to walk thru the Bible with you as you learn things that those of us who know all the "stories" kind of take for granted. The Word is alive and I am so grateful that I get to experience those stories thru your perspective. Looking forward to this semester and Seeking a Heart Like His with you.

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  3. Jennifer! Thanks so much for sharing such a sweet and totally relatable(?) story for me. So good to put a face and name together for you. For a "deer in the headlights", YOU DONE GOOD!!!!!
    (i reposted because i realized you don't know who daylor is! this is debbie aylor and i work in the crosspoint church office.)