Saturday, July 28, 2012

Week 6: Courtney Barrett

Courtney Barrett
I am so thankful to sit down and just really relax this evening! Summers can be so hectic and crazy at times. I would like to share a few thoughts and experiences that I have had since joining Crosspoint Church. I can truly say without doubt that my connection with Crosspoint has caused me to be more open with my church family and to be ever seeking for new opportunities to reflect Christ to nonbelievers.

         Life Groups.... If I can say one thing to every new member that enters our doors, I would say get connected!!! My life group is my family. They are so special to me and I am so glad to be apart of a group of believers that love and care about me so much. I know that I can depend on them for so many things. A couple of years ago I walked through some of the darkest days I have ever experienced in my life. I know that Christ placed special people in my life to help me sustain during that time. These very special friends are in our life group. They prayed for me when I couldn’t and they loved me at a time I could not really love back. I will always be thankful! Life is so much more meaningful when you build relationships that are Christ centered.

         Service Work- I have had the great pleasure of serving the church through the Leadership team for Crosspoint Women, Starting Point, and PIT Crew. Each area of service has allowed me to become closer to my church family and it has also opened up opportunities for me to meet others that are seeking Christ. Our church offers so many areas for us to serve. I believe serving others builds compassion and offers us a chance to truly reflect Christ to others.

          In short ... Ladies of Crosspoint....  YOU ROCK!!!  Too all of the Cp woman I know and to all of the Cp women I will meet in the future, I leave you with a few words.... Love...Serve...Pray... and be thankful for the one who gave it ALL!!! ;)


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  1. And your lifegroup totally loves you! You are there for us when we need a friend!