Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Intro by Susan Allen

Thank you for coming to this blog. We are a group of women representing, first and foremost, Jesus Christ, the love of our lives and the reason we do what we do. Secondly, Crosspoint Church, a place we call home, a place where real people are introduced to a real God.

On the blogs that will follow you will meet some of the "real women" of Crosspoint. Our hope as Crosspoint Women (CpW) is that you will be able to relate, to somehow connect, to have an understanding and insight into the lives of these women and the impact Jesus has had on them, their families, their marriages, their workplace and the way they do life in the church and community.

Jesus was and is all about people, real people with real, life-transforming, personal stories. In every story you will see how God is at work in their lives using, change, challenges, victories and even pain to draw them to himself.

Our stories both past and present have shaped the women we are today and will have a great impact on the stories of the next generation. Each of these stories are a work in progress. God is not finished with us, in some cases he is just beginning.

So our prayer is that you will visit us weekly, get to know the real women of Crosspoint. Feel free to ask questions and leave comments. But most importantly, we hope that you will see how having Jesus as our source of life, has made not only a difference in the way we do life here on earth, but an eternal difference.

These are the stories of the "Real Women of Crosspoint".....